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Project Description

“As a cloud-based collaborative video creation platform, WeVideo encourages student creativity, storytelling, engagement and multimodal learning. Video projects construct deep knowledge about a topic by forming skills like collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

Students can work together in teams to develop and finalize a video project that will help them build skills for the workforce. Help encourage students achieve shared goals and grow the professional and technical skills in demand in today’s multimedia organizations.

WeVideo is committed to protecting the privacy of students. Students and teachers share media and video projects with other members of the same multi-user account in a fully COPPA-compliant workspace.

Students have the ability to make creative decisions demonstrating understanding and mastery of concepts. Start with the simplified Storyboard editor and work up to the more advanced Timeline editor with video tutorials to guide you along the way.

WeVideo can easily be integrated with Google Apps for Education and is accessible across mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, Chromebooks, and desktop computers. You will have cross-platform access to shared media and video projects, allowing the use of devices as part of a larger workflow.”

URL: WeVideo.com

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