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Project Description

The more sites we learn about, the greater our need to be able to organize them and curate them in a variety of ways.  For some purposes, such as research, a robust tool with ample features to categorize and tag sites in a variety of ways is desired.  For other purposes, such as for use as a dashboard, simplicity and ease of use may be the goal.  Symbaloo is a perfect example of the latter school of thought.  Their aim is to provide a concise dashboard of icons that provide one-click access to your favorite sites.  

The interface within Symbaloo is called a Webmix.  Each Webmix is comprised of 60 tiles laid out in a 10×6 grid.  Click on any tile and you’ll have the option to populate it with a website.  They have hundreds of websites saved in their database for you to choose from, or you can create your own by supplying the URL and customizing the color scheme and icon for it.  Select a blank square, specify what you want the tile to be, choose a design, click submit… Repeat.




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