Project Description

Sometimes the best tools are the simplest, and Padlet (formerly Wallwisher) adheres closely to this idea.  If you’ve ever done a brainstorming activity that involved putting sticky notes upon a wall, then you already have a good understanding of what Padlet has to offer.  There’s a few twists that make it compelling for classroom usage though.

You get access to an expansive digital canvas with an unlimited number of digital notes that can hold a small amount of text (160 characters).  That may not seem to be too much, but just below the text field, there’s a place to insert a URL.  That’s where the magic starts to kick in.  Add a link to an image, and thumbnail of that picture will appear with the note.  Add a link to some audio or a video, and a player will be added to the note.  If you put in a link to a website, then a preview of that site will appear.  And with each of these options, clicking through will pull up a window showing the full sized image, audio, video or a live view of the website itself!  This feature in itself takes it from a simple ‘notes on a wall’ app to a multimedia experience with incredible classroom potential.