OSTube: DIY YouTube

YouTube blocked? TeacherTube not quite what you're looking for? Ever wish you could just do the darn thing yourself? I recently discovered that you CAN! Via a Tweet from BudTheTeacher, I found a link to WeberTube. If you check it out, you'll find it's remarkably similar to YouTube, except with the abilty to upload pictures [...]

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Across the Metaverse

I've been working on a Second Life article, and part of it was spent checking out a few other virtual worlds. And while I thought I had a pretty good grasp on what was out there, this video shows that I really was just barely scratching the surface. Think you are a Virtual World Guru? [...]

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Do you believe?

Thanks to Justin Karkow for point out this post of Christine Southard's on the New York DEN Blog. Just in time for the beginning of the school year, Dalton Sherman has a message that is sure to inspire anybody who has chosen to devote their lives to education.

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EdStreamTV is going live!

It's no secret that I think streaming video is going to be huge at NECC. I've already blogged about it once. A thread that I started on the NECC Ning site caused some major conversation. This led to an ISTE proclamation that sent ripples throughout the EduBlogosphere and led to a quick retraction by the [...]

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A Vision of Students Today

From the creator of the Machine is Us/ing Us: I'm not a huge fan of people who keep pointing out the same problems that we've known about for years without sharing their ideas for solutions. While this video doesn't share solutions, the fact that it was organized, researched and scripted by students makes a pretty [...]

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Monday Morning Video: What do teachers make?

This one gets loud, so if yer at work, keep the volume control handy. Taylor Mall is a slam poet, who addresses a question that every teacher has heard at one time or another, "So, what do you make?" Take notes everybody, because I found this to be one heck of an answer.

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Monday morning video break

Ever try to explain what a wiki is to somebody and just getting a blank stare in return? This video may help. I really enjoyed their RSS video as well, and hope they continue to create more. There's something about using paper cutouts that make things seem easy and accessible to people who may not [...]

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A Fair(y) Use Tale

Fair use is a tricky to wrap your mind around. Eric Faden of Bucknell University has found a great way to get the main ideas across. He chops up Disney videos to introduce key concepts and explain the issues. Would be a great way to introduce Fair Use in your copyright and ethics units.

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