Taking Flight with Kitables Mini Lego Drone

I've been fascinated with drones, but haven't quite found the excuse I need to drop $1k on a good one (if you have ideas, let me know). However, when I saw a mini Lego based drone up on Kickstarter, I figured I could roll the dice for $50! It's one of the projects available from [...]

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Slacking, lacking or snacking?

I feel like I'm slacking.  Because I find myself snacking when my fingers should be clacking the keyboard.  But I find myself lacking, whether it be motivation or inspiration, and every post I read just sounds like quacking in my head.  Instead of cracking the whip, I'm backing away from the blog.  I [...]

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YouTube College Application

Image by erica.hargreave via Flickr Newsweek recently covered a new phenomenon in the college application world:  the YouTube supplemental application.  Sound crazy?  The writing has been on the wall for years.  More and more often, videos created by students are getting seen by hundreds of thousands of people, leading to job offers, internet fame, and [...]

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TEDxNYED and Dan Meyer

Image by doviende via FlickrWhile en route to England, I had about 8 hours of time to kill. One way that I filled it was to download all the presentations from the recent TEDxNYED and watch them on the iPad. Truly a treat to say the least. While there were several that I think are [...]

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Your Digital Dossier

Andy Carvin shared this video via tweet that does in incredible job of summing up what the New Permanent Record is, in a much more succinct way than I've ever managed to. As you watch this video, consider what these students will look like when they enter your classroom. Honestly, will they care one whit [...]

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Film on the Fly

Image by Getty Images via DaylifeJanet English over at KOCE has been hard at work putting together the Film on the Fly video challenge and yesterday was the big day! Early in the day, she sent out a text message to everyone who signed up with the prompt: "Everything changed - when the box mysteriously [...]

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