EdStreamTV is going live!

It's no secret that I think streaming video is going to be huge at NECC. I've already blogged about it once. A thread that I started on the NECC Ning site caused some major conversation. This led to an ISTE proclamation that sent ripples throughout the EduBlogosphere and led to a quick retraction by the [...]

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Captcha 2.0: Cats, Dogs and eBooks, oh my!

What do cats, dogs, and eBooks have in common? They can all help in the war against spam! Yes, it sounds strange, but I'm not kidding. Got two tools for you bloggers out there to consider adding to your blogs. Most people know what Captcha is. Well, most people know what it does. It stands [...]

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Tuesdays with Tarski

Trying out yet another theme today, and I'm definitely digging this one. It's called Tarski, and it's described by its authors as: Flexible and customisable, Tarski was created with blog authors in mind: it’s easy to install and personalise. However, Tarski is also highly extensible and employs a number of innovative features which the more [...]

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Themes, themes and more themes

Now that the blog has been upgraded to the latest and greatest version of Wordpress, I'm trying out a few new looks for it. So if you only read the blog in your aggregator, do me a favor by clicking through and letting me know what you think. Just about all of the themes that [...]

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