Making Holograms with WeVideo

I believe it was Hall Davidson who first showed me how to create a hologram projector using a cell phone.   We did it at a DEN team retreat and the wow factory was incredible.   It really did seem like magic.   I recently revisited the project because I was talking about holograms at [...]

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Video Review: Sutori

Today I hosted the first of what will be an ongoing series of video reviews of web apps that I'm checking out.   Instead of just writing them up, I'll be doing a live video review of them and broadcasting them out simultaneously on Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and uStream (and maybe a few others!).   [...]

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Foster student creativity with Story Wars

This morning a I saw Ginger Lewman share a link to Story Wars, a collaborative storytelling site.   The gist of it is, somebody writes chapter one (a few sentences, a few paragraphs or longer), and then shares a link out to it.   Then other people can submit drafts to be chapter 2.   [...]

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The Best of Edu 2.0

As I've been finding interesting Web 2.0 sites that I think are worth checking out, I've been adding them to my Edu 2.0 page on Scoop.It. Give it a visit and if you see something that should be there but isn't, use the suggest tab.Want to try out Scoop.It yourself?  The first ten people that [...]

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Sometimes it’s the simple things…

Saw a new site recommended on Twitter today called The description? “Create beautiful text based pages in seconds and share them with the world.” That’s it. And that’s really all it does. No registration, no email required. Just put in what you want the link to be and a password of your [...]

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A quickie about Qwiki.

Image via CrunchBase Ever see a new site that wows you, not just because it has good content, but because of the way it presents it?  That’s where I file Qwiki.  So far as I can tell, it basically takes text from a variety of locations, adds a great text-to-speech translater to it, and then [...]

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Jamming with uJam

Image via CrunchBase Matt “Geekybird” Monjan told me he had a site that he thought I’d love, but I’ll be honest, I was skeptical.  It isn’t often that I find a Web 2.0 site that totally rocks me.  uJam does.  Big time.  I’ve shared it in three presentations in the last week alone, and every [...]

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Love free Web 2.0 sites? Then pay for them.

Image by PinkMoose via Flickr Several months ago, the guys over at PollEverywhere wrote a blog post asking "Should we even offer a free product for teachers?" At the heart of the conversation, the issue was that while they wanted to keep free accounts for teachers, people using the service does cost them money. "Considering [...]

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