Adding a Pi Powered Cam to the 3D Printer

After getting frustrated at not knowing when prints were done (and getting tired of running up and down the stairs!) I decided to add a camera to the printer.   The obvious choice was to use another Raspberry Pi Zero W for it along with the camera kit.   NOTE, you do need a smaller [...]

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Taking Flight with Kitables Mini Lego Drone

I've been fascinated with drones, but haven't quite found the excuse I need to drop $1k on a good one (if you have ideas, let me know). However, when I saw a mini Lego based drone up on Kickstarter, I figured I could roll the dice for $50! It's one of the projects available from [...]

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Diving into 3D Printing

After thinking about it for years, I finally broke down and ordered myself a 3D printer.   The desire to have one was there for quite a while, but I didn't want to place the actual order until I knew what it was that I wanted to do with it.   Don't get me wrong, [...]

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The Tastiest Pi Yet: Raspberry Pi Zero W

I've been a big fan of the Raspberry Pi Zero since it came out.   What's not to like about a $5 computer?   And lest you think otherwise, it's a legit computer.   It can surf the internet, edit documents, and run all kinds of gadgety sorts of things in your household.   And [...]

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Making Holograms with WeVideo

I believe it was Hall Davidson who first showed me how to create a hologram projector using a cell phone.   We did it at a DEN team retreat and the wow factory was incredible.   It really did seem like magic.   I recently revisited the project because I was talking about holograms at [...]

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Hands on coding with CodeWise

Today I took a look at the CodeWise card game from Prowise, a deck of cards that can be used to teach early elementary students the basics of coding.   I was introduced to it by Pauline Maas, the author of the game as well as several books on coding and programming. CodeWise is basically a [...]

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Micro Review of Micro:bit

Today I hosted a small review of the Micro:bit, a small programmable device that the BBC has committed to providing to every 11 and 12 year old in the UK.   The basic model costs only $10 and considering what you can do with it, it's a real bargain. The board itself has two buttons, [...]

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