Your phone is listening to you.

Creepy or cool? A new class of smartphone app has emerged that uses the microphone built into your phone as a covert listening device -- a "bug," in common parlance. But according to app makers, it's not a bug. It's a feature! The apps use ambient sounds to figure out what you're paying [...]

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Turn your iPhone into a Digital Microscope

Image by BWJones via Flickr The camera on the iPhone 4 is pretty good, but this mod really puts it over the top. Over at the Crabfu Artworks blog, the author discovered that if you take a 13 dollar microscope and glue it to a cheap iPhone case, you can turn your iPhone into a [...]

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A Browser Bag of Tricks

Image by Daniel Pouliot via FlickrWhile sharing my browser during a DEN webinar last night, I was surprised to see the hot topic of conversation wasn't the public beta of the new DEN website that I was sharing.... rather it was the various bookmarklets and links that I have saved in my Bookmarks toolbar. I [...]

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3 Days with the iPad part deux

Image via CrunchBaseWell, got a lengthy comment from Russ Goerend regarding my initial thoughts about the iPad. I started replying as a comment... but the comment kept getting longer and longer. SO! A new post it has become. Here's the original comment from Russ: Thanks for what feels like a realistic review. Overall, I agree. [...]

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3 days with the iPad

Well, it has now been two full days with the iPad and I figured I ought summarize some of my thoughts about it so far. I ought to preface his by saying that I had/have a healthy degree of skepticism regarding the device. I'm no Fanboy when it comes to Apple. I have a great [...]

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What could you do with Augmented Reality?

Image by Eric Rice via FlickrAugmented reality is one of the few technologies that have come out within the last few years that really have the ability to simply drop jaws. Primarily, it's hung out in the marketing field, and been used in car ads and recently on the cover of Esquire magazine. Home versions [...]

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What can you do with a cell phone in the classroom?

Matt Monjan let me know that the Simpsons spoofed cell phones in the classroom this past weekend. Yes, it's funny, but it's also frustrating because there's so many hints of truth in there. Give the segment a watch before continuing. For visitors outside the US, visit FOX to watch the full episode. Clip I'm referring [...]

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I have unlimited love for Bluehost

I'm not shy about how much I love my hosting company, Bluehost. In fact, I seem to blog about it once a year, it seems as thought it's about that time again. Reason I'm mentioning it now is because they recently upped the ante once again and I couldn't be happier. So a friend of [...]

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What’s the point of Second Life?

Got an email from a friend of mine (who's name shall be withheld to protect the innocent). He had a conversation with his district technology director that he asked for some help with. I had a short conversation with our district technology director yesterday and Second Life came up. I was telling him how streaming [...]

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