Are your children on Facebook?

No, not your students, your children.  Because if so, you're in the minority....  barely.  In a recent survey of 1000 parents, 38% of the families had children under the age of 13 already with a presence on Facebook.  Seem crazy?  Then you'll really be blown away when you hear that 40 of those [...]

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Mark McKeon has a fantastic series of images that demonstrate just how much Facebook information has become increasingly available to larger audiences over time.  Everyday I meet people who believe that THEIR information is private.  If it's on the internet, don't bet on it.  Just assume that everything is public and act accordingly and you'll [...]

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The trouble with alts

I saw a post on Mashable about Everloop and decided to check it out.  The site is intended for students ages 8-13 but your 14-15 year olds and children under 8 can use the site as well, provided they comply to the terms of service.  I decided to register as a student to [...]

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If you Tweet, will anybody hear it?

Image via WikipediaI think that many people (myself included) that share sites like Twitter at conferences inadvertently do our attendees a disservice. In the effort of attempting to demonstrate how wonderful, simple, powerful and dynamic it is, we make it seem much more effortless than it really is. For example... How many times per day [...]

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Your Digital Dossier

Andy Carvin shared this video via tweet that does in incredible job of summing up what the New Permanent Record is, in a much more succinct way than I've ever managed to. As you watch this video, consider what these students will look like when they enter your classroom. Honestly, will they care one whit [...]

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A Vision of Students Today

From the creator of the Machine is Us/ing Us: I'm not a huge fan of people who keep pointing out the same problems that we've known about for years without sharing their ideas for solutions. While this video doesn't share solutions, the fact that it was organized, researched and scripted by students makes a pretty [...]

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