How to learn? From Diana Laufenburg

First of all, this TEDx rocks.  Watch it and be inspired by one incredible educator.  Even better though, while she's up on stage presenting, she's even leaving notes for her students back in the classroom.  "Be kind to the substitute teacher and make sure to read and reflect on the City on a Hill. I’ll [...]

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MDK12 Digital Libraries: Going Native

This morning I had the pleasure to keynote the MDK12 Digital Library: Access for Success conference. This was my first chance to present strictly for a community of library media specialists (and related titles). I had a great time adapting my Learning to Speak Native presentation for them and certainly expanded my network while doing [...]

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EdTechConnect tonight, free webinar!

Later today, at 7:00pm EST, we'll be hosting the first EdTechConnect of the school year. It's going to be featuring Darren Kuropatwa and Lani Ritter Hall, two of the conference coordinators from the K12Online 2007 conference. They'll be sharing tips and tricks for sharing presentations using Web 2.0 tools and providing a sneak peak into [...]

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