Your Digital Dossier

Andy Carvin shared this video via tweet that does in incredible job of summing up what the New Permanent Record is, in a much more succinct way than I've ever managed to. As you watch this video, consider what these students will look like when they enter your classroom. Honestly, will they care one whit [...]

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Politics and Blogging

Simulblogged @ TechLearning The session that kicked off EduBloggerCon for many of us has been on my mind quite a bit lately. Essentially, Will asked the room "What should we, as a community, really be trying to accomplish. And how do we go about doing so?" I don't believe we found any answers in those [...]

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Policies getting in the way

Of all the big players in the social networking landscape, Facebook is the only one that I can honestly say that I actively participate on. After arriving home from NECC, I posted a question asking people to share their one 'big' takeaway from the conference. Alfred Thompson's response was: Bloggers will talk and talk and [...]

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