It is your Democratic duty to vote!

Heh, I'm flattered to see that both Dave and I got nominated in the Education category at the They're billing it as a People's Choice type of awards show, which means its an over glorified popularity contest. I'm a little disappointed that they didn't split up "education" from "Instructional". Three of the podcasts in [...]

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NECC: Apple’s Premiere Podcasting Event

I'm incredibly tired, but I have to make sure that I get this all down before I fall asleep. I just got back from Apple's introduction into the podcasting arena. I thought it was going to be just a little social mixer with some Apple reps addressing people's questions about podcasting. I thought it would [...]

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Podcasting officially goes mainstream!

I just walked away from the Apple booth and guess what? As I suspected, they unveiled iTunes 4.9 today complete with full podcasting support! After checking it out briefly, I raced out to the hall to find a wifi spot with an outlet and am downloading it right now. This really is huge. This provide [...]

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Podcasts on the radio?

I just read about a San Francisco Radio Station Going All Podcasts. For a while now, we've had traditional radio content being released in podcast form. However, this is the first time that I've heard about podcast created content being broadcast over the radio waves! They're billing it as a radio station by the people, [...]

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An official EduCaster podcatcher?

I think I'm going to have to buy into this one. iPodder has no provided people with a way to create a custom podcatching client preloaded with the feeds of your choice. You buy the client, for a nominal fee. Then you preload it with feeds of your choice and make it available for download. [...]

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*Phew* A positive review!

I really enjoy reading the reviews posted at The New, New Podcast Review. It's obvious that the author takes his time and really listens to several different episodes before he makes any judgements about a podcast. I've found him to be quite thorough in his critiques of peoples' audio quality and dead on when it [...]

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Another step towards the dark side of the force

Heh, Allen Levine of CogDogBlog seems about a few steps away from becoming a full feldged podcaster. Just a few short months ago, he wrote up a great post about yawncasting as he called it. While I disagreed with some of the things he said, I did agree that it was a budding broadcast platform, [...]

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Israel News Radio Featuring Marty Roberts on-location in Israel

More from the international front, I just found Israel News Radio Featuring Marty Roberts on-location in Israel. This is a great example of someone taking a traditional format and adjusting things slightly to accomodate syndication. I'm not sure how long he's been doing his show, but it's now available in podcast format. I know this [...]

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Podcasting: Active listening vs. Passive

Jack was emailing me back and forth a few times after the BlogWalk, and brought an interesting idea to my attention. He pointed out that I didn't have a direct link to my last podcast so he couldn't listen to it. The reailty is, the number of people with pdocatching software is still pretty minimal. [...]

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