Podcast: Conference versus Conversation

Yikes, this is starting to become a habit again! This podcast recaps a few conversations that were scattered around NECC and the DEN National Leadership Conference. I've heard from many people that the most valuable part of the last few conferences they've attended have been the conversations that have occured with other attendee's and presenters [...]

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Podcast: Browsing the Library of Congress

If you haven't explored the Library of Congress website lately, you should. I spent some time in their booth and NECC and was impressed by what they have to offer there. While I wasn't impressed with the layout of the site, the content is well worth wading through. I also discovered that using the advanced [...]

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Podcast: Twas the night before NECC…

I know, it sounds crazy, but I've got a podcast to share! It's the night before NECC and if all goes well, I'm going to have a bunch of audio to share throughout the conference. July is actually going to be a pretty busy conference month, so I should have stuff to share throughout the [...]

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Podcastercon2006 : The photo gallery

Photos have been uploaded. Appearantly I took a ton of photos at the 'advanced' session and not so many at the education session. Too busy running around with a microphone and being inspired by what everyone was saying I guess. Click on the link above to see them all, but here's a few to whet [...]

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Coulee kids doing some cool podcasting!

I really hope that people don't think I'm just shamelessly promoting my new company, but so much of this just has me jazzed up. I spent about 90 minutes showing our regional managers some tips and tricks about the finer art of blogging, and they are just running with it. Not only is it fun [...]

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Teach42 – The future is half empty?

Dave Warlick posted a year end podcast containing a few hundred interviews with teachers encouraging them to think about what the classroom of 2015 would look like. Unfortunately, I have to disagree with the projections of many of the teachers. I wouldn't go so far as to say I have a pessimistic view of the [...]

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Teach42 – A new podcast XP-erience

It's sad to say, but the Teach42 podcast is going back to the dark side. I'm selling off my Powerbook and need to figure out the best way to create a podcast in a Windows environment. I spent a few hours prior to this podcast trying out some different software. I never found one that [...]

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Blawgthink and Open Space

Last week I presented a little session about podcasting at Blawgthink, a conference for legal bloggers. The first day of the conference was fairly traditional, with various strands and presentations for all varieties of skill levels. The second day was entirely in the Open Space format. There were no scheduled sessions, the agenda was created [...]

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Back in the saddle again!

Guess what's back? The Teach42.com Podcast! Yes, that's right. After months of silence, I finally have a microphone strapped to my skull once again. It's nothing earth shattering, just an update about what's been happening and me getting my feet wet once again. It sounds dumb, but there's a ton that I forgot how to [...]

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