Google Teacher Academy wrapup

Been meaning to write up some quick thoughts about Google Teacher Academy: Chicago, but realize that time is fleeting and I just didn't see myself getting to it soon. SO, I decided to go the video route and do a quick vlog wrapup about it. FYI, that's the last time I use the camera on [...]

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Help a teacher out with some Podcasting research

Jane Nicholls is looking for some help with some podcasting research she's doing. She's looking at the question "In what ways does podcasting enhance oral literacies?" If you could provide an example of your students demonstrating any of these things I would love to hear about it and incorporate it into my study. Please leave [...]

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Podcast: My life, my feed

How many feeds do you have? I'm not asking how many you subscribe to, rather how many do you own? Do you have a blog or two? A account? Have you posted a YouTube video? Do you have a podcast? Share photos on Flickr? All of these sites and tools create RSS feeds. It [...]

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Teach42 Podcast: Unplugged

I know, I know. It's been freakin' forever. But yes, I have uploaded a podcast. It's about 16 minutes long. It doesn't have a fancy intro. In fact, there's no music or editing at all. No guests, no new resources for you, heck it probably doesn't even merit show notes. It's just me, unplugged and [...]

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