Big Data, Big Problems

A friend shared with me an article that was both fascinating and disturbing.   It talked about how big data was used in elections to target potential voters with pinpoint accuracy.   Essentially, but combining data from social media sites like Facebook and things like online quizzes, companies can build an incredibly in-depth profile of [...]

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Teach42 Live: Chock Full of Alternative Facts

Today was just a good ol' rant.   I'm a little stressed out about the state of civil discourse in this country... well, perhaps world.   In particular, this post from Brian Troyan and this one from Ben Rimes got some thoughts bouncing around the ol' noggin that had to get out.   Busy finishing getting [...]

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Teach42 Live: Breaking Out the Nerdy Chat

Teach42 Live is going to occurring in two flavors: 1) The mini tech reviews I've been doing throughout the week and 2) Weekly panel discussions and interviews.  While all of them will be broadcast live and available to watch as a video archive, the weekly panels and interviews will also be pushed [...]

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Teach42 Vodcast: Back where it all began

As I try to figure out what post-Discovery life looks like, I went back to my roots and recorded a vodcast in the place where it all began...  my former house in Berwyn, IL where I first started podcasting.  The topic wanders a bit, as I'm prone to do, but focuses primarily on the degeneration [...]

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Google Teacher Academy wrapup

Been meaning to write up some quick thoughts about Google Teacher Academy: Chicago, but realize that time is fleeting and I just didn't see myself getting to it soon. SO, I decided to go the video route and do a quick vlog wrapup about it. FYI, that's the last time I use the camera on [...]

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