What educators can learn from Marvel Comics

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYfxQ0X7hx4 There's a new comic book shop that recently opened in downtown Skokie (Aw Yeah Comics for those that are interested), and it is quickly becoming a tradition for the family to walk over there and pick up a couple of books from the quarter bins.  During our last trip, I picked up a comic [...]

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The iPad is the Bicycle of the Digital Age

Image by Wayan Vota via Flickr Working on an iPad presentation and in my research, came across an interesting interview with Warren Buckleitner, editor of Children’s Technology Review ( childrenstech.com).  I’m enamored with the iPad right now, and even though I don’t have one, I think the current iPod Touch is an amazing device.  Aiden [...]

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Is battery life really the top reason to use iPads in schools?

Image via Wikipedia If you have any interest in exploring the potential for iPads in schools, you need to be following the journey of Fraser Speirs.   He's the author of a few OSX and iOS apps, but also teaches computing at the Cedar School of Excellence.  Like many others, he's in the midst of implementing [...]

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The Musical iPad

Image by Yohei Yamashita via Flickr Remember when it was first released, how people said that the iPad is a device that can only be used to consume information? More and more, we're finding it being embraced by artists, and in particular... musicians.   From DJ's to students, to professional members of symphony orchestras, the iPad [...]

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iPad Presenting: Powerpoint, Videos, Web Demos and more

Image by Jesus Belzunce via Flickr One of the first things I thought to use my iPad for was presenting and live demos.  After all, it's such a sleek, elegant device, why on Earth would I want to lug my laptop around at all?  So I started researching ways to present from it. First choice [...]

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An iPad for Everyone: Is the iPad ready for 1:1?

Image via Wikipedia It's been several months since I first geeked out and was the third person in line at the Apple Store the day the iPad was released.  Yes, I have embraced my inner (and outer) Nerd-dom.  At first I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it.  It didn't take me long [...]

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