Slacking, lacking or snacking?

I feel like I'm slacking.  Because I find myself snacking when my fingers should be clacking the keyboard.  But I find myself lacking, whether it be motivation or inspiration, and every post I read just sounds like quacking in my head.  Instead of cracking the whip, I'm backing away from the blog.  I [...]

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Nokia Open Labs 2008 – A look back

I'm pretty sure that I was only in Finland for four days. However, given the number of meaningful experiences that occurred during that time span, it seems hard to reconcile its brevity. That being said, I'm back on US soil again, have replaced jet lag with common, every day exhaustion, and am ready to share [...]

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A NECC to learn from

The good stuff was easy. Much more challenging to document the stuff I think we need to learn from. Before I go any farther, let me just say that these are my own personal observations and thoughts. While I may sound critical of some people or behaviors, I don't begrudge anybody because I don't think [...]

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Why I *heart* Plurk

While it may seem like I'm always high on a new tool or site, I really do think I'm pretty choosy about the ones that I wind up sharing. And I wouldn't blog about it, if I didn't feel there was merit to it and it was worth exploring. Which is why I wanted to [...]

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For the record…

Stephen Downes called Sue and I out today, accusing us of being on the take under the table. Are Steve Dembo and Sue Waters getting paid to promote a commercial product? Was Dembo being paid when he started plugging it on his site back in early April? I don't care if people want to make [...]

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Policies getting in the way

Of all the big players in the social networking landscape, Facebook is the only one that I can honestly say that I actively participate on. After arriving home from NECC, I posted a question asking people to share their one 'big' takeaway from the conference. Alfred Thompson's response was: Bloggers will talk and talk and [...]

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Why no Safe Search for Google Video?

I noticed today that there was a little red "NEW" next to the Video search for Google. I'm not exactly sure what's new, perhaps the ability for users to upload video, but I thought you could do that before. Regardless, the shiney red "NEW" got me to click on it. I was astonished by what [...]

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Apple needs to quit crashing my browser.

I'm trying to type up a blogpost discussing all the new stuff Apple released today, and just went through the classic bloggers horror story. Spending 30 minutes typing up the perfect entry, linking everything in and then having the browser crash losing it all. I know, I know, I should type it up in a [...]

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Contemporary Literacy. Everybody’s doing it, right?

John Pederson posted a little entry last week calledOwning Contemporary Literacy…The Next Big Conversation. In a nutshell, the question is how do we get non-techie teachers to drink from the Kool-Aid? Ever have that frustrated feeling while out there blogvangelizing? “When do you have time?”, “I can’t possibly find the time!”, and “There’s not enough [...]

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Brace yourself, rocky waters ahead

Will has posted an entry that addresses a topic we're going to hear quite a bit about for the next few years. With students doing so much publishing, on line safety is an issue that is going to be at the forefront of many people's minds. His post specifically deals with Xanga, but he could [...]

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