More donations and more thanks…

If 100 people each donated $10, we could make a $1000 contribution to Habitat for Humanity this holiday season. How hard could that be? It seems like nearly every day I get another email from someone making a donation or thanking me for choosing Habitat to raise money for. I had no idea how many [...]

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17% to goal!

Despite a big slow down (to be expected I guess), I did still receive a few other donations yesterday. I'm embarrassed to admit how often I check to see if any donations have come in! I know it's going to take a while, that's why I set what I think is a very realistic goal [...]

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24 hours and 15% to goal!

What a fantastic community to be a part of. Yesterday I announced my first online personal fundraising campaign to benefit Habitat for Humanity. A short 24 hours later, I've had 9 contributions and raised $150 of the $1000 I'm trying to collect before the end of the year! Unbelievable. Every person who makes a contribution [...]

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