Making Holograms with WeVideo

I believe it was Hall Davidson who first showed me how to create a hologram projector using a cell phone.   We did it at a DEN team retreat and the wow factory was incredible.   It really did seem like magic.   I recently revisited the project because I was talking about holograms at [...]

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What educators can learn from Marvel Comics There's a new comic book shop that recently opened in downtown Skokie (Aw Yeah Comics for those that are interested), and it is quickly becoming a tradition for the family to walk over there and pick up a couple of books from the quarter bins.  During our last trip, I picked up a comic [...]

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Little Red Riding Hood Remixed

Image by P_mod via FlickrFound this on Dan Pink's blog: I mentioned before how much I love the idea of turning assignments into creative briefs. So what happens if you take a fairy tale that's near and dear to all our hearts, and give it a new spin? While this wasn't done by a student, [...]

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Well, isn’t that NICE

Warning: Once again, these are notes that I'm taking during a meeting which has a few presentations in it. Forgive the grammar mistakes, forgive the seriously informal voice, and most of all forgive the tangents. It's just the way I interact with material I'm experiencing. Just go with the flow! I'm taking notes at the [...]

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