The Next Evolution of Sketchnotes

During our ISTE presentation, Fear the Sitting Dead, Adam and I took a brief detour down the road of sketchnotes.   While it isn't necessarily a PD model, it can certainly serve as the type of minutes that someone would WANT to read. While reading a blog post about the session (mad props for the [...]

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What not to do at ISTE

In just a few days, the largest EdTech conference in the country (or is it the world?) will be taking place.  I'm not sure exactly how many I've been to, but I think I'm approaching my 10th ISTE.  While I know there are many that can say that they've got double my experience, I believe [...]

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ISTE 2010 Wrapup

Image by katerha via Flickr This was a busy ISTE to say the least! While normally I make a point to hit at least a few sessions, this year it was all work. 3 presentations, 1 workshop, combined with booth time and a Wilkes grad course wrapping up made for a crazy hectic week. The [...]

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A NECC to learn from

The good stuff was easy. Much more challenging to document the stuff I think we need to learn from. Before I go any farther, let me just say that these are my own personal observations and thoughts. While I may sound critical of some people or behaviors, I don't begrudge anybody because I don't think [...]

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A NECC to Remember

I know most people have already put up their post-NECC reports, but I figure it's never really too late and I'm glad that I had time to put some things in perspective and do a little soul searching before writing this. There's so much to write about, both positive and negative, so I think I'm [...]

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EdStreamTV is going live!

It's no secret that I think streaming video is going to be huge at NECC. I've already blogged about it once. A thread that I started on the NECC Ning site caused some major conversation. This led to an ISTE proclamation that sent ripples throughout the EduBlogosphere and led to a quick retraction by the [...]

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What’s next for NECC?

A few years ago, the big splash at NECC was live blogging. After that it was podcasting, when Apple first announced that iTunes was going to support podcasts at NECC. Last year big splashes were the Bloggers Cafe, Twitter and back channeling. So what's next? I don't think too many people are going to be [...]

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NECC update

As I sit here in the lobby of the Omni, I realize that this is the first time in the last four days that I haven't been actively involved in a conversation with people. When I used to go to conferences, as a young and budding blogger, I'd typically sit down along the wall somewhere [...]

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