A few highlights from ICE09

Illinois Computing Educators 2009 has come and gone! I'm too tired to write a coherant wrap up post right now, but I will say this: There was a closeness, family type of feeling there this year beyond what I've seen in years past. Not that it hasn't always been a tight knit group, and a [...]

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Reflections of ICE

This was one fantastic day. From Chris Dede's keynote all the way through the DEN reception to close the day off, IL-TCE was just one great experience after another. To be honest, this conference was like a homecoming for me. I've been to quite a few conferences in the last few months and ICE definitely [...]

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IL-TCE – Can’t get enough of the blogging sessions.

I know, I know, I really don't need to attend any more sessions about blogging.  I think I have a pretty passable understanding of how blogs work and such.  However, I had to attend this presentation.  Susan Switzer and Susim Munshi both work for the Chicago Public School system and are sharing their experiences with [...]

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IL-TCE Something about this keynote sounds familiar

Chris Dede is the first keynote of the IL-TCE conference.  His focus seems to be on the evolution of education.  Technology is changing the 'characteristics of learners', quite simply, students are fundamentally different than they were several years ago.  Kids today have instant access to cell phones, portable game systems, instant gratification permeates their very [...]

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Do you feel that ‘buzz’?

It's 8:00am in beautiful, historic, St. Charles Illinois (I'm not sure what specifically is historic about it, but there must be something). It's quiet right now, but in half an hour this convention center will be buzzing with the sounds of keyboards clacking, mice double clicking and most of all, educators learning. Today kicks off [...]

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Designing online courses for free

Keven Schouten actually has this session online. So now I'm free to just provide amusing commentary instead of trying furiously to get the details down. ;) Sounds like he's basically going to introduce free ways to create alternatives to Bloackboard and WebCT. First one that he brought up was Moodle, which is obviously the most [...]

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Holey Toledo, this millenium is starting like the last

This session is presented by Joe Brennan, well known for his Guerilla Graphics presentations, and is about where we've been to help us deal with where we're going. Bah, unfortunately the only power outlet in the room is right next to the kitchen, so it's really noisy over here. Thankfully he allowed me to record [...]

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Digital Productions in Elementary Classrooms

New seeions. Interestingly enough, it's being held in Zanies, the comedy club that shares space with the conference center. The session is supposed to be about how to use digital productions to enhance instruction. That's the key reason I'm hear, to see how to improve the education we provide to students. The primary presenter is [...]

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Bah. Don’t forget to save.

I had taken a whole bunch of notes at this workshop about data driven decision making, and then accidently closed the window. I have to remember to save more often or use word with AutoSave on and then paste it into the blog. At least I found a power source. I have to remember to [...]

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More from ICE: Providing an Open Source Solution for School Wide Services

Sort of a group presentation for this one. Doug Pratt, Jim Kidston, and......? Open Source protects the person using it from being accused of infringing on tellectual property, patents or copyrights. Going through a brief history of Open Source, Linux, FreeBSD, Apache, etc... Point is, it's not buggy software, fly by night, it's well established [...]

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