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Tribute to a teacher, Marvin Martin

Image by babblingdweeb via Flickr Several months ago, I received a Facebook message asking me to to join a group. Surprisingly, it was a group organized to pay tribute to a Junior High teacher from Glencoe, IL named Marvin Martin. I joined the group and then leaned back in my chair. People were posting stories [...]

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Back to Boston: Building Learning Communities podcasts released

Via Joyce Valenza Podcasts of many of the sessions at the Building Learning Communities conference have been released! If you couldn't attend, you should definitely check them out. Heck, even if you did attend, this is your chance to get a second helping. My personal favorites are Marco Torres' opening keynote, Andy Hargreaves' day 2 [...]

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BLC06: Mark Prensky, Engage Me or Enrage Me

I got here a little late, but I'm thrilled that Prensky is doing a presentation. If you haven't heard of him, stop reading and go visit his site. i'm not sure how he started, but right now he's giving an overview of the Native/Immigrant theory. Those of us that didn't grow up with the internet [...]

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BLC06: Hands on with Marco

When he creates projects with his students, they use a system comprised of four P's: Planning, producing, producing and Pheedback. Each P has a series of steps, and he has podcasts that outline every step of the way, designed by and for TEACHERS. He introduced the presentation by sharing a video that students made focusing [...]

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BLC06: Sustainable Learning Communities

Dr. Andy Hargraves is presenting the second keynote, titled Sustainable Learning Communities. Wow, he doesn't pull any punches. His introduction was essentially a comparrison of the current American educational system versus the direction that the rest of the world is moving in. Every other major country in the world is moving away from nationwide standardization [...]

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BLC06: A snippit from the Clem

Before I had to duck out, I caught the first 20 minutes of Jim Wenzloff and Chris Burnett's presentation, Tales from the Clem. I've seen Jim present before and I know Chris well enough, but there's always something new to learn. Chris heard Will Richardson speak at BLC04 and after listening to him share how [...]

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BLC06: Literacy remixed

As I mentioned in the last post, I ran into my usual problem and ran out of battery during the second session of the day. So, I had to resort to paper and pen. Thankfully I don't work in the 'school of tomorrow' and still had access to those ancient technologies! So here's the recap [...]

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BLC06: Marco Torres, Making Meaning of the World

Aaahhh.... This feels good. Sitting in an auditorium, waiting for Marco Torres (the keynote speaker) to begin. Haven't had the chance to do this for what seems like forever, despite having attended more conferences this year than the rest of my life combined. Ironically, just like always, i'm already stressing about battery life. Different year, [...]

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