Creating STEAM and Making Spaces with METC

How is it that we're already in the final countdown for the current school year??  Seems incredible, but as our eyes turn to summer time, there's a wealth of PD opportunities for educators.   One of the ones I'm looking forward to is the METC Summer Institute:  Creating STEAM and Making Spaces.   Official description [...]

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The Next Evolution of Sketchnotes

During our ISTE presentation, Fear the Sitting Dead, Adam and I took a brief detour down the road of sketchnotes.   While it isn't necessarily a PD model, it can certainly serve as the type of minutes that someone would WANT to read. While reading a blog post about the session (mad props for the [...]

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Closing the book on ISTE2016

This was both the most frantic ISTE and the most relaxing ISTE I've ever attended.   Five presentations kept me busy enough, but I also had more meetings and interviews scheduled than ever before.   This caused two problems, that turned out not to actually be problems.  1) I had to keep a close eye on [...]

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What not to do at ISTE

In just a few days, the largest EdTech conference in the country (or is it the world?) will be taking place.  I'm not sure exactly how many I've been to, but I think I'm approaching my 10th ISTE.  While I know there are many that can say that they've got double my experience, I believe [...]

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EdCampChicago is coming!

I've wanted to host an unconfernece for quite a while, but the stars never quite aligned.  Well, this spring they seem to have done just that!  On May 21st, I'm pleased to share that the greater Chicagoland area will be hosting its first EdCamp. What's EdCamp?  EdCamp is based on Bar Camp, which in turn [...]

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ISTE 2010 Wrapup

Image by katerha via Flickr This was a busy ISTE to say the least! While normally I make a point to hit at least a few sessions, this year it was all work. 3 presentations, 1 workshop, combined with booth time and a Wilkes grad course wrapping up made for a crazy hectic week. The [...]

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If you Tweet, will anybody hear it?

Image via WikipediaI think that many people (myself included) that share sites like Twitter at conferences inadvertently do our attendees a disservice. In the effort of attempting to demonstrate how wonderful, simple, powerful and dynamic it is, we make it seem much more effortless than it really is. For example... How many times per day [...]

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WAVE to the ITEC conference

Not sure if this is going to work, but going to try to embed in a Google Wave for following the ITEC conference. Unfortunately, yes you do need to already have a Wave account to see it, but them's the breaks. Looks like it works! If you can't see it, I apologize. But these are [...]

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