Day 29: Be a Rock Star

With only two days to go, I've been struggling with how to wrap this challenge up. The closer I get to the end, the more I realize how much more I'd like to share. Part of the dilemma for me is that this challenge has not really discussed the 'spiritual' side of blogging very much. [...]

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Day 28: Link It Up

One of the most significant things about the internet is the able to connect different pieces of it through hyperlinking. In fact, it is often said that hyperlinks are the glue that hold the entire internet together. Can you even imagine an internet without hyperlinks? You'd have to memorize every site you want to visit [...]

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Day 26: Tag, you’re it.

Today's challenge revolves around one of those concepts in blogging that is often misunderstood: tags. Tagging is more of an art than a science, but it does serve a few very specific purposes. Not every blog employs tagging, nor would I say that it's absolutely required, but understanding how tags work and what they can [...]

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Day 24: Disclose Yourself

Some people are shamelessly into blogging for the money. Other people could care less if they ever make a buck, but their credibility and reputation mean the world to them. Some people are paid to blog on behalf of their employer and others do it semi-officially on a volunteer basis. Regardless of what flavor blogger [...]

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Day 23: Plan out your week

This isn't exactly the ideal time for this post, but I just realized that we're one week away from the end of our 30 day challenge! So let me say a quick 'hurrah!' to everyone that is keeping up. Maybe you aren't doing every challenge every day, but if you're still tuned in and intent [...]

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Day 22: Why do you blog?

This is another one of those challenges that really drew me to ProBlogger's challenge initially, and made me decide to create my own mashup of it. Darren challenged his participants to define a mission statement for their blog, a challenge that I now present to you. You know your blog is important to you. You've [...]

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Day 21: Give a comment a promotion

Everybody loves a comment on their blog. It let's you know that your post made someone think. That somebody agreed with you or disagreed with you enough to do some typing. It validates your work and continues the conversation, often generating new ideas and questions for yourself. Bill Ferriter had some solid remarks about commenting [...]

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