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Video Review: Sutori

Today I hosted the first of what will be an ongoing series of video reviews of web apps that I'm checking out.   Instead of just writing them up, I'll be doing a live video review of them and broadcasting them out simultaneously on Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and uStream (and maybe a few others!).   [...]

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The Joys of Dash Button Hacking

Other posts in this series (will be hyperlinked as written) Materials and Dash Button setup Setting up the Raspberry Pi Zero Triggering actions with the buttons A few weeks ago, I posted a picture up on Facebook of a few Dash Buttons that I was activating.  I had a lot of questions about what the heck I [...]

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Six Ways to Spark Creativity

While at EdCampIllinois on Saturday, I attended a session discussing the influence of Seymour Papert on education.   During the conversation, Mitch Resnick was mentioned a few times, and his learning spiral was shared with the group.   While I've been a huge fan of Mitch and his work, I'd never seen that particular image before. [...]

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A Teen’s Right to Privacy

While the photos are normal, the girl told her parents that she was uncomfortable with their friends being able to easily access them. Source: Teen sues parents for mortifying Facebook pictures | Fusion This seems to be less about a teen suing their parents, and more about the parents respecting their child's right to draw their own [...]

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Teach42 Vodcast: Back where it all began

As I try to figure out what post-Discovery life looks like, I went back to my roots and recorded a vodcast in the place where it all began...  my former house in Berwyn, IL where I first started podcasting.  The topic wanders a bit, as I'm prone to do, but focuses primarily on the degeneration [...]

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STEMChat with Texas Instruments (and me) TONIGHT!

It has been quite a while since I've participated as myself in a Twitter chat.   For the last few years, I've been behind the scenes working the DiscoveryEd ones.   So I was really excited when Kim Moldofsky (the Maker Mom) and Texas Instruments asked me to participate in one tonight.   We're going to [...]

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How about we just agree to disagree?

Both mainstream and social media have been obsessed with the Colin Kaepernick story this past week.   At first, it was dominated by surprise and disgust that he sat during the national anthem.   The last few days have seen a major swing, as more people are coming out with statements supporting his right to [...]

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Who even reads blogs anymore?

Embed from Getty Images Alec Couros recently lamented the loss of the social web, pointing to the loss of Google Reader as the day things started to slide downhill.  It prompted an interesting discussion, well worth a read.   But it also brought back to the forefront this question of whether blogs are even relevant anymore. [...]

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Foster student creativity with Story Wars

This morning a I saw Ginger Lewman share a link to Story Wars, a collaborative storytelling site.   The gist of it is, somebody writes chapter one (a few sentences, a few paragraphs or longer), and then shares a link out to it.   Then other people can submit drafts to be chapter 2.   [...]

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Just put one foot in front of another…

Today, I spent my morning at the opening inservice for Skokie/Morton Grove District 69.   I've been to a few inservices over the last few years, but this is the first one that I've attended without working in...  well, it has probably been about ten years!   It was a distinct pleasure getting to start [...]

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