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Shake coding up with Mover Kit

Today I took some time to explore Mover Kit, a Kickstarter put out by Tech Will Save Us.   It contains a small circular pendant of sorts that has an accelerometer, compass and a series of LED's.   It can be attached easily to the included slap bracelet, lanyard and velcro strap, or wherever you like! [...]

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Big Data, Big Problems

A friend shared with me an article that was both fascinating and disturbing.   It talked about how big data was used in elections to target potential voters with pinpoint accuracy.   Essentially, but combining data from social media sites like Facebook and things like online quizzes, companies can build an incredibly in-depth profile of [...]

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Teach42 Live: Chock Full of Alternative Facts

Today was just a good ol' rant.   I'm a little stressed out about the state of civil discourse in this country... well, perhaps world.   In particular, this post from Brian Troyan and this one from Ben Rimes got some thoughts bouncing around the ol' noggin that had to get out.   Busy finishing getting [...]

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Hands on coding with CodeWise

Today I took a look at the CodeWise card game from Prowise, a deck of cards that can be used to teach early elementary students the basics of coding.   I was introduced to it by Pauline Maas, the author of the game as well as several books on coding and programming. CodeWise is basically a [...]

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Social media an issue for athletes, coaches – Washington Times

It started as a joke. Years ago, Anthony Morgan used a Twitter name that he knew would make his friends laugh. And that's how it stayed. Source: Social media an issue for athletes, coaches - Washington Times Kids make mistakes.   That's totally normal.  The problem is that now kids make mistakes that are public and [...]

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Three sides to every coin

As an employee of Discovery Education, and a fairly public one at that, I tried very hard to stay politically neutral.   Regardless of whether I put a "opinions are solely my own" flag on my Twitter page, the reality is that we do represent the people we work for, like it or not.   [...]

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Teach42 Live: Breaking Out the Nerdy Chat

Teach42 Live is going to occurring in two flavors: 1) The mini tech reviews I've been doing throughout the week and 2) Weekly panel discussions and interviews.  While all of them will be broadcast live and available to watch as a video archive, the weekly panels and interviews will also be pushed [...]

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Micro Review of Micro:bit

Today I hosted a small review of the Micro:bit, a small programmable device that the BBC has committed to providing to every 11 and 12 year old in the UK.   The basic model costs only $10 and considering what you can do with it, it's a real bargain. The board itself has two buttons, [...]

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Taking SolveMe Mobiles for a Spin

  Today I put together a brief demo of SolveMe Mobiles, a math app that teaches kids the basics of balancing formulae through what appears to be a mobile (not the cell phone kind, the type that twirls above a crib).   You know I'm always a big fan of sites that are so simple [...]

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