Taking Flight with Kitables Mini Lego Drone

I’ve been fascinated with drones, but haven’t quite found the excuse I need to drop $1k on a good one (if you have ideas, let me know). However, when I saw a mini Lego based drone up on Kickstarter, I figured I could roll the dice for $50!

It’s one of the projects available from Kitables and they really knocked it out of the park with the packaging. You’ll see in the video pics from the unboxing, but it was a pleasant surprise compared to most Kickstarters. However, the kit itself only gets mediocre marks from me.

It’s intended for kids, but in order to get the engines attached to the main board, you need to do some pretty careful soldering. It was beyond Aiden’s skills right now, so I had to take over. The rest of it went together easy, but flying it was a challenge. As you’ll see in the video, the motors don’t really line up well, and because you attach the board and battery with rubber bands, balance is a major issue. It moves… but rarely does it move straight.

On the whole, it’s a fun project for $50, but I wouldn’t buy it expecting to have a fully functioning and flyable drone at the end. I’m planning to strip the parts and print out my own custom chassis down the road (something like this). Hopefully that’ll help solve the balance issues!

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