Shake coding up with Mover Kit

Today I took some time to explore Mover Kit, a Kickstarter put out by Tech Will Save Us.   It contains a small circular pendant of sorts that has an accelerometer, compass and a series of LED’s.   It can be attached easily to the included slap bracelet, lanyard and velcro strap, or wherever you like!

It has two default modes.   Active mode displays different light patterns in response to your own physical actions.  If you run, jump or spin for a sustained duration, you’ll be rewarded with different patterns.   The longer you go, the cooler they get!   The second mode is designed for bike safety and has sustained or blinking white and red lights.

The third mode is up to you!   They provide a simple block programming app that allows students to create their own conditions for the lights.  For example “If the Mover is shaken, spin a rainbow of lights.”   It’s pretty cool and ultra simple to get started.   But they have some really impressive suggestions for projects to get the creative juices flowing.  I also love that they have weekly challenges for kids!

I’m not sure what their association is with Micro:Bit but I love that they have projects for use with it and challenges as well!

We haven’t explored it for too long yet, but so far I’m pretty impressed.   Take a look and let me know what you think!

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  1. Sheryl McCoy 2/1/2017 at Feb 01, 17 | 7:19 pm

    These types of tech tools should open the door to demographic groups who might otherwise be swept to the wayside. It will be great when people start building action research problems that can help teachers determine their efficacy.

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