It started as a joke. Years ago, Anthony Morgan used a Twitter name that he knew would make his friends laugh. And that’s how it stayed.

Source: Social media an issue for athletes, coaches – Washington Times

Kids make mistakes.   That’s totally normal.  The problem is that now kids make mistakes that are public and linger.  Often students do all sorts of juvenille things online when they’re in middle school, but by the time they get to high school and are applying to colleges they’ve forgotten all about those accounts.   But they don’t necessarily go away.

“I had a Twitter name that was something really inappropriate,” Morgan said.

He was no longer getting laughs. Now he understands the blowback.

A coach at another school told Morgan they stopped pursuing him after finding out his Twitter name.

It’s not an uncommon story, but it still happens.   When was the last time you reminded your students to check the digital artifacts they’ve left behind?

When was the last time YOU checked your own?