Teach42 Live: Breaking Out the Nerdy Chat

Teach42 Live is going to occurring in two flavors: 1) The mini tech reviews I’ve been doing throughout the week and 2) Weekly panel discussions and interviews.  While all of them will be broadcast live and available to watch as a video archive, the weekly panels and interviews will also be pushed out as an audio podcast.

Last night I broadcast the first panel discussion, featuring Nicholas Provenzano, the Nerdy Teacher, and Adam Bellow, co-founder of Breakout Edu.  Nick has been a big fan of 3D printers for a while now, Adam just recently fired one up in his house, and I have one on order so it seemed an appropriate topic of discussion!

This was a relative short discussion, but honestly we were testing out the technology and making sure that everything is going to work smoothly.   So enjoy the conversation!  If you’d like to subscribe to the audio version of the podcast…   well, for right now just look it up in iTunes!   Still working out all the kinks and will have a formal subscribe link up soon 🙂

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