A Teen’s Right to Privacy


While the photos are normal, the girl told her parents that she was uncomfortable with their friends being able to easily access them.

Source: Teen sues parents for mortifying Facebook pictures | Fusion

This seems to be less about a teen suing their parents, and more about the parents respecting their child’s right to draw their own privacy line.

We’ve been publishing photos of our kids since they were born, and doing so in accounts under their names on Facebook.   The intention is, when they’re ready they’ll take over pre-populated accounts with a history already.   That said, we try to be sensitive to not publishing anything that would ‘mortify’ them.  And I would sincerely hope we’d be empathetic enough, that if they ever asked to opt out, we would respect their wishes.

That said, I think the issue is equally applicable to any two people, even if they aren’t related.   If anyone ever requests that someone take down a pic or video of themself, I would hope that the person who posted it would respect that.   Sometimes you don’t realize how other people will see a piece of media when it is taken out of context.

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