Six Ways to Spark Creativity

While at EdCampIllinois on Saturday, I attended a session discussing the influence of Seymour Papert on education.   During the conversation, Mitch Resnick was mentioned a few times, and his learning spiral was shared with the group.   While I've been a huge fan of Mitch and his work, I'd never seen that particular image before. [...]

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A Teen’s Right to Privacy

While the photos are normal, the girl told her parents that she was uncomfortable with their friends being able to easily access them. Source: Teen sues parents for mortifying Facebook pictures | Fusion This seems to be less about a teen suing their parents, and more about the parents respecting their child's right to draw their own [...]

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Teach42 Vodcast: Back where it all began

As I try to figure out what post-Discovery life looks like, I went back to my roots and recorded a vodcast in the place where it all began...  my former house in Berwyn, IL where I first started podcasting.  The topic wanders a bit, as I'm prone to do, but focuses primarily on the degeneration [...]

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STEMChat with Texas Instruments (and me) TONIGHT!

It has been quite a while since I've participated as myself in a Twitter chat.   For the last few years, I've been behind the scenes working the DiscoveryEd ones.   So I was really excited when Kim Moldofsky (the Maker Mom) and Texas Instruments asked me to participate in one tonight.   We're going to [...]

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