UTW: LIVE #3: Filter or FAIL

When Adam and I decided to write a book together, one thing we both agreed upon from the beginning was that we wanted the printed book itself to be the START of a conversation with people, not an end to itself. So with that in mind, we began a series of live Hangouts related to [...]

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20 Things You Can’t Do with Glass (but you really can)

If you're going to pony up the cash for Google Glass, you have to love being an early adopter.  I'm not talking about just getting a product through Kickstarter, I mean love getting betas of software and helping developers make it better.  I mean being someone who will deliberately crash your own device a few [...]

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One Second Every Day

Antique clock face with hands (Photo credit: MomMaven) About 14 months ago, resident DEN princess Porter Palmer turned me on to a Kickstarter campaign called 1 Second Everyday.  General idea, you record a tiny little snipped of video every single day, and at the end of the year you have a 6 minute [...]

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Glasscast from Tuesday

Wearable technology for the wrist (Photo credit: IntelFreePress) Did a quick GlassCast on Tuesday, after typing up the "Why Glass?" post.  So keep in mind, this was created prior to all the insightful comments people shared, and the debate that occurred on Facebook. I think there's so much intresting going on with respects [...]

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Why Glass?

DSC_0686.jpg (Photo credit: kwmr) Ever since I bought Google Glass, I've gotten a ton of questions from people. Some are fascinated by it, some see it as a frivolous expense, and others just think it's the latest technology fad and not even worth the time of day. So I thought I'd take a [...]

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