GlassCast42 Episode 2: On Diet Fads, Learning Styles and Shortening Attention Spans

This website had a few ideas about diet fads percolating so I decided to record a GlassCast on the way in to the office this morning.  Central idea...  Are diet 'fads' really such a bad thing?  Or are they, in a sense, reminiscent of a new learning style?  Auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and....  well, I'm not [...]

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Untangling the Web LIVE show: Twitter attack!

#edcampKCraffle: Barb Gilman wins "Untangling the Web" (Dembo and Bellow), autographed by author, Adam Bellow! (Photo credit: LauraGilchrist4) Thursday night, Adam and I will be hosting our second UTW Live Show!  If you missed the first, you can catch it on the community site.  The second one will be on Thursday, December 12th [...]

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Dear Spammers…

SPAM (Photo credit: AJC1) Thank you for reaching out to me.  I understand some company you contracted to do advertising engaged in some unethical behavior.  They had the audacity to spam hundreds of thousands of blogs with spam comments containing links to your fine website.  Upon learning about this, I'm sure you were [...]

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A walking #GlassCast

Image by None via CrunchBase Is this a podcast? Yeah, kinda sorta. On the heels of posting yesterday, I thought I'd do a little walking and talking while heading over to the car. And since I'm still getting the hang of Glass, I figured it would be a good medium for it. Nothing [...]

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Hello. Come here often?

Open (Photo credit: wiccked) Hi. My name is Steve. I taught the little ones for a while, and then served as the Director of Technology for a school in Chicago.  Since then, I've been working for Discovery and while so many things in my life have gotten better, I've let other things laps. [...]

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