English: Following in the footsteps of Brunel?...

English: Following in the footsteps of Brunel? The prospect of a country walk looks more possible in this direction! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the projects in my Wilkes course for students working towards their masters in secondary education and Ph.D. in Education is to host their own live broadcast. Leading in to it, they need to attend a live webinar and reflect upon the experience. Most of the time, the experiences are largely positive. But every so often, it opens the door to something much more.

I can’t stress enough how much of an impact this first webinar has made on my view of “information distribution” using technology.  In a matter of 15 minutes, I was able to search out a webinar that dealt directly with my field, attend for free, and now share an overview for others.  Being present for a “live” webinar made me feel more involved, although I did not participate in the Q and A session at the end.  I felt like a true part of the audio production industry, and reinforced my professional development in a simple one-hour segment while comfortably sitting in my office at home.
It’s the tipping point, the aha moment, the door that opens up introducing an educator to a world that was hidden in plain sight.  I see this all the time at workshops, conferences and institute days.  Fantastic teachers who are ready to take the next step… they just don’t know that the path is just off to the side, barely out of their line of sight.
That’s why I love being a part of the DEN.  Why I love teaching at Wilkes.  It gives me the chance to help teachers every day to find that next step to take.  In the EdTech social community, we’re surrounded by a group that’s so hyperconnected, we sometimes forget that we’re the exception.  The vast majority of teachers aren’t even aware of that world yet.

One teacher, one experience, one step…  That’s what makes it all worthwhile.