What educators can learn from Marvel Comics

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYfxQ0X7hx4 There's a new comic book shop that recently opened in downtown Skokie (Aw Yeah Comics for those that are interested), and it is quickly becoming a tradition for the family to walk over there and pick up a couple of books from the quarter bins.  During our last trip, I picked up a comic [...]

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The Wide World of EduStartups

The business of education is massive.  And I mean REALLY massive.  There's a ton of major players making billions of dollars off of schools, but that doesn't mean there isn't space for new players on the field.  We all have our favorite Web 2.0 sites, but as I've mentioned in the past, if [...]

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How to learn? From Diana Laufenburg

First of all, this TEDx rocks.  Watch it and be inspired by one incredible educator.  Even better though, while she's up on stage presenting, she's even leaving notes for her students back in the classroom.  "Be kind to the substitute teacher and make sure to read and reflect on the City on a Hill. I’ll [...]

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Are your children on Facebook?

No, not your students, your children.  Because if so, you're in the minority....  barely.  In a recent survey of 1000 parents, 38% of the families had children under the age of 13 already with a presence on Facebook.  Seem crazy?  Then you'll really be blown away when you hear that 40 of those [...]

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