Slacking, lacking or snacking?


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I feel like I’m slacking.  Because I find myself snacking when my fingers should be clacking the keyboard.  But I find myself lacking, whether it be motivation or inspiration, and every post I read just sounds like quacking in my head.  Instead of cracking the whip, I’m backing away from the blog.  I think need to start hacking my habits, packing up my insecurities and attacking the very thing that got me to where I am…  this blog.

First of all, I apologize for those last few lines.  But once I got rhyming, I couldn’t seem to stop.  Probably ought to delete it, but I’m proud of it in the same way I’m proud of the awful poetry I wrote when I was in 7th grade.  And yes, I still have it all.

I haven’t posted anything since that pre-ISTE post.  Know why?  Because I felt like I should put up an ISTE roundup.  Which I never did.  And now I feel like it’s too late.  Which it isn’t.  But it isn’t fresh anymore so it really is.

And that’s what’s causing me no end of issues.  It’s not reality, it’s my perceptions of reality.  That blogging is a big deal, and I need to make it significant.  Instead I avoid the blog, which means I avoid writing, which means I avoid delving into my own thoughts and exploring them.  And that’s not a good thing for me.  I miss it.

Want to hear how fragile my ego is and how much my own lack of effort in this area affects me?  I have been avoiding reading blogs lately because when I read them, I get riled up, and then I want to write about them, and if I don’t, I feel guilty about not doing so.  And to avoid feeling guilty about not responding at length to someone else’s post, I avoid reading those posts at all.

Strange eh?  Also makes me wonder just how many posts on Teach42 I’ve put up ‘apologizing’ for not posting more.  Too many I would think, but I’m not going to look.

The reason for this post (about time I got to it, eh?) actually has nothing to do with any of that though.  It’s because I wanted to mention how much I enjoyed this video from WGN.

I ‘liked’ it, which shared it out via The Facebook and Twitter, but then I thought I ought to put it up on the blog.  But the last blog post was that ISTE post, and do I really ant to follow it up with a TiltShift video?  And that’s when I realized just how self-destructive I was being.  And a little hypocritical to say the least.

So no apologies, no promises.  Just some insight into what makes Teach42 tick.  Hope you get a laugh out of it and say, “Well, at least I’m not that schizzy!”

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