Image representing Qwiki as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

Ever see a new site that wows you, not just because it has good content, but because of the way it presents it?  That’s where I file Qwiki.  So far as I can tell, it basically takes text from a variety of locations, adds a great text-to-speech translater to it, and then blends in images and videos from a bunch of other sources. The end result is a video encyclopedia mashup of content from around the web.  It sounds pretty darn decent, it looks incredibly polished, and everything is hyperlinked.  Videos, images, related content, all just a click away.  Interestingly, they claim that it has over 2 million ‘articles’ posted already.  If that’s true, it’s pretty astonishing for a site that’s still in alpha.  You can even contribute in a limited way by submitting in links to related photos and videos.  A very nice touch, that.  The best way to understand what it’s doing is to experience it for yourself.  I’ve embedded one here, but I’d drop by the site and register.  Looks like this definitely has some interesting potential.