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I’m fat. There I said it. I’m not thrilled about it, and I’ve made some strides, but I’m definitely a yo-yo dieter. Lost 33 pounds, gained back almost 10. Feh.

So what should I do about it? Some might just recommit. Some might seek out the support of friends. Me? I create a fitness challenge to convince dozens of others to suffer alongside me ūüôā

Introducing… the Fit42 Health and Fitness Challenge! It will begin on 1/1/11, and run through the end of February. 60ish days. You set your goals, you decide your plan of attack. At the end a team of judges will pick five finalists based on how well you met your goals AND how much you supported your fellow challengers. The primary goal of this is to get healthy in 2011. The secondary goal is to win the grand prize for the challenge… which just happens to be a brand new Lenovo M90z ThinkCentre.

Yeah, that’s right. Grand prize is a new desktop computer. I have one just like it. It rocks big time. Huge all in one multitouch screen. You know how everybody says the iPad is fantastic, but it’s no computer? Well, this has the multitouch screen like an iPad, but it IS a computer, and a powerful beast at that.

So how do you win?¬† Simple.¬† Go to and register.¬† The edit your profile, click on the Challenge page and fill in your history, goals and plan.¬† That gets you entered into the contest.¬† Then once 1/1/11 comes around, document your progress on the site and support your fellow challengers.¬† Update frequently and often, and you just may be picked by our judges to be one of the finalists.¬† They’ll narrow it down to five, and then the community will vote to see who wins the grand prize.

Some have asked what kinds of goals are eligible…¬† That’s entirely up to you.¬† Here are just a few ideas:

  • Lose weight.¬† It could be 10 pounds, it could be 3 pounds.¬† Everyone has different needs.
  • Get in better shape.¬† You might want to try to run a 5K, or maybe just get out and walk 3 times a week.
  • Quit smoking.¬† There’s no time like the present to cut down on the habit or kick it entirely.
  • Cut out caffeine
  • Count calories
  • Keep track of steps per day and get more active
  • Anything else that will get you healthy and fit for the new year!

So that’s the 411.¬† I hope you’ll join me and challenge yourself to be just a little healthier and more fit in 2011.¬† And let’s do what we can to support each other in those endeavors!