The iPad is the Bicycle of the Digital Age

Image by Wayan Vota via Flickr Working on an iPad presentation and in my research, came across an interesting interview with Warren Buckleitner, editor of Children’s Technology Review (  I’m enamored with the iPad right now, and even though I don’t have one, I think the current iPod Touch is an amazing device.  Aiden [...]

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Jamming with uJam

Image via CrunchBase Matt “Geekybird” Monjan told me he had a site that he thought I’d love, but I’ll be honest, I was skeptical.  It isn’t often that I find a Web 2.0 site that totally rocks me.  uJam does.  Big time.  I’ve shared it in three presentations in the last week alone, and every [...]

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The Fit42 Health and Fitness Challenge

Image via Wikipedia I’m fat. There I said it. I’m not thrilled about it, and I’ve made some strides, but I’m definitely a yo-yo dieter. Lost 33 pounds, gained back almost 10. Feh. So what should I do about it? Some might just recommit. Some might seek out the support of friends. Me? I create [...]

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