Mikes got the camera
Image by amandacphoto via Flickr

And yes, that is a serious question.  I really enjoyed doing the last podcast and had a few thoughts bouncing around the ol’ noggin yesterday afternoon.  So I said, “What the heck, let’s let it roll…”  Recorded another podcast during the drive home.  Two in one week, will wonders never cease?

What prompted it was that I created a page for Aiden to record his own memories, things that are important to him and things he thinks are worth noting and preserving.  It’s on Posterous right now, and the idea is that whenever he sees something he likes or wants to remember, he tells Jess and I and we’ll take a picture of it or give him the camera and let him do it.  Then we send it over to Posterous and it’s preserved on his own page.  We put a link to that page on the Lenovo in his bedroom, so he can pull it up at any time and scroll through it.  Photos, Videos, and once he begins writing, he can send text there too.  And of course, if he wants to create his own video blog entries and talk to the camera… well, we’d be happy to accommodate.

I created that yesterday.  But it got me thinking… if he’s actively recording and publishing at age three, what does that mean for when he gets into kindergarten??  Let’s face it, he’ll be doing it independently before long.  And once he can, how long will it be before he earns his own iPod Touch, with camera and microphone and video and all?  And once he has that, how long before he’s actively documenting his own life and learning?

Not long at all.

Now take that idea, and follow it through a few more steps. . . . . . .   You thinking what I am?  Listen to the show to find out.  And then let me know what you think.  In particular, answer me this:

Is three years old too young for an account on YouTube?

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