Image by Yohei Yamashita via Flickr

Remember when it was first released, how people said that the iPad is a device that can only be used to consume information?

More and more, we’re finding it being embraced by artists, and in particular… musicians.   From DJ’s to students, to professional members of symphony orchestras, the iPad is being used in some pretty ingenious ways.  Is it the novelty of it?  Or are we on the cusp of yet another new branch of the media revolution?  I’m leaning towards the latter.  After all, one of my favorite ways to pass the time on flights nowadays is to create new mixes with Looptastic, something I was never all that interested in on any other medium so far. You can see Rana Sobhany using it in one of the videos below.

In particular, this first one almost gave me chills. No, it’s not the same as playing instruments. But as these apps develop, are the differences that significant? Let me know what you think.  Fad or phenomenon?