YouTube College Application

Image by erica.hargreave via Flickr Newsweek recently covered a new phenomenon in the college application world:  the YouTube supplemental application.  Sound crazy?  The writing has been on the wall for years.  More and more often, videos created by students are getting seen by hundreds of thousands of people, leading to job offers, internet fame, and [...]

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The majority is in the minority

Image via Wikipedia Can I admit something shameful?  I love showing people Blabberize.  I don't mean that I like Blabbers, or that I think it's a great tool.  But I really love introducing that Web 2.0 site to educators that have never seen it before. I do quite a few presentations nowadays, at conferences, Days [...]

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Is battery life really the top reason to use iPads in schools?

Image via Wikipedia If you have any interest in exploring the potential for iPads in schools, you need to be following the journey of Fraser Speirs.   He's the author of a few OSX and iOS apps, but also teaches computing at the Cedar School of Excellence.  Like many others, he's in the midst of implementing [...]

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Turn your iPhone into a Digital Microscope

Image by BWJones via Flickr The camera on the iPhone 4 is pretty good, but this mod really puts it over the top. Over at the Crabfu Artworks blog, the author discovered that if you take a 13 dollar microscope and glue it to a cheap iPhone case, you can turn your iPhone into a [...]

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The Musical iPad

Image by Yohei Yamashita via Flickr Remember when it was first released, how people said that the iPad is a device that can only be used to consume information? More and more, we're finding it being embraced by artists, and in particular... musicians.   From DJ's to students, to professional members of symphony orchestras, the iPad [...]

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Unboxing the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z

Image by teach42 via Flickr The other day I was contacted by a group representing Lenovo who told me that they were interested in having me review a computer of theirs.  I've done this sort of thing before and was already excited, but the email just got better and better.  In a nutshell, they think [...]

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