Farewell to some old friends

Last night, I said farewell to some old friends. Aiden is growing older and we're getting ready to switch him into what was formally the office/library. As I stood there staring at my bookshelves, I realized that it was time to let most of them go to that great library in the sky (the book [...]

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Accessorizing the iPad

Image by BlackberryUS via Flickr I've been resisting buying every case, stand and accessory that has come out for the iPad, although the temptation has been great.  However, I thought I'd share a quick post about the things that I have picked up so far and my thoughts about them.  For the most part, they [...]

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iPad Presenting: Powerpoint, Videos, Web Demos and more

Image by Jesus Belzunce via Flickr One of the first things I thought to use my iPad for was presenting and live demos.  After all, it's such a sleek, elegant device, why on Earth would I want to lug my laptop around at all?  So I started researching ways to present from it. First choice [...]

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An iPad for Everyone: Is the iPad ready for 1:1?

Image via Wikipedia It's been several months since I first geeked out and was the third person in line at the Apple Store the day the iPad was released.  Yes, I have embraced my inner (and outer) Nerd-dom.  At first I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it.  It didn't take me long [...]

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ISTE 2010 Wrapup

Image by katerha via Flickr This was a busy ISTE to say the least! While normally I make a point to hit at least a few sessions, this year it was all work. 3 presentations, 1 workshop, combined with booth time and a Wilkes grad course wrapping up made for a crazy hectic week. The [...]

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