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While en route to England, I had about 8 hours of time to kill. One way that I filled it was to download all the presentations from the recent TEDxNYED and watch them on the iPad. Truly a treat to say the least.

While there were several that I think are worth watching, there was one presentation in particular that stood out, and it seems I’m not the only one that thought so. I’ve been a fan of Dan Meyer’s blog for several years, and while I admit that I don’t read it regularly, when I do there’s always something that catches my eye. However, I’d never seen him present before. When I saw his TEDx presentation, I was floored. The way he broke down the issues with most text books just blew me away.

Take a few minutes and watch his presentation and then answer this question: If you could edit your textbook, wiki style… what changes would you make?

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