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Saw this while hunting for a post on Darren Kuropatwa's blog. You can see the complete article here, but I think the 'ticker' speaks for itself. And really drives home the need to teach information literacy. The amount of content being created and consumed on a daily basis is pretty unreal. Don't forget to click [...]

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Geotags and the City http://url.ie/69ua #1amend

Image by bmckenzie via FlickrI've always been fascinated by the idea of geotagging photos, but frustrated by some of the issues around the practice. Unless you use a smartphone as a camera, or have something like an EyeFi, it's a chore to tag photos in this way, and a chore that not many take the [...]

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The revolution has been canceled.

Image by opensourceway via FlickrWhile doing some brainstorming today, I decided to do a search for articles about digital textbooks. One of the results was an article from David Warlick. In it, he mentioned how excited he was that his son had the choice of "bringing home a traditional, 400 page, five-pound, paperbound book, and [...]

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TEDxNYED and Dan Meyer

Image by doviende via FlickrWhile en route to England, I had about 8 hours of time to kill. One way that I filled it was to download all the presentations from the recent TEDxNYED and watch them on the iPad. Truly a treat to say the least. While there were several that I think are [...]

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