A Browser Bag of Tricks

Image by Daniel Pouliot via FlickrWhile sharing my browser during a DEN webinar last night, I was surprised to see the hot topic of conversation wasn't the public beta of the new DEN website that I was sharing.... rather it was the various bookmarklets and links that I have saved in my Bookmarks toolbar. I [...]

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3 Days with the iPad part deux

Image via CrunchBaseWell, got a lengthy comment from Russ Goerend regarding my initial thoughts about the iPad. I started replying as a comment... but the comment kept getting longer and longer. SO! A new post it has become. Here's the original comment from Russ: Thanks for what feels like a realistic review. Overall, I agree. [...]

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3 days with the iPad

Well, it has now been two full days with the iPad and I figured I ought summarize some of my thoughts about it so far. I ought to preface his by saying that I had/have a healthy degree of skepticism regarding the device. I'm no Fanboy when it comes to Apple. I have a great [...]

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