Haiti 360

Image via WikipediaWith all the news about the disaster in Haiti, one of the more interesting things I've seen technologically recently came from there. I've seen 360 videos before, going all the way back to Quicktime VR and such. But this absolutely fascinates me. This video was shot on January 18th, and while watching it, [...]

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What could you do with Augmented Reality?

Image by Eric Rice via FlickrAugmented reality is one of the few technologies that have come out within the last few years that really have the ability to simply drop jaws. Primarily, it's hung out in the marketing field, and been used in car ads and recently on the cover of Esquire magazine. Home versions [...]

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Vote for an ISTE Keynote

Image by jochenWolters via FlickrIn case you haven't been keeping up with ISTE's dive into the crowdsourcing arena, the final voting is now open for the ultimate keynote presentation at this year's conference. Your choices are: * Chris Lehmann * Alan November * Jeff Piontek * Peter H. Reynolds * Gary Stager I know most [...]

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Would you blog?

Image by Josh Russell via FlickrLike many other bloggers that I consider to be colleagues, my blogging has tapered off quite a bit over the years, and while some of the fault lies in myself, I put most of the blame squarely on Twitter. Why take half an hour to write several paragraphs, hyperlink it [...]

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