Mobiles to Help Learning? High School in UK says OK

Image via WikipediaVia @TerryFreedman: Looks like Notre Dame high school in the UK is taking the bull by the horns and moving forward with an initiative to allow the use of mobile phones for educational purposes during class time. Assistant headteacher Paul Haigh said mobiles, MP3 players and gaming devices were "untapped resources" for teaching [...]

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If you Tweet, will anybody hear it?

Image via WikipediaI think that many people (myself included) that share sites like Twitter at conferences inadvertently do our attendees a disservice. In the effort of attempting to demonstrate how wonderful, simple, powerful and dynamic it is, we make it seem much more effortless than it really is. For example... How many times per day [...]

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Ted Talks… for Kids

Looks like TEDxSMU has organized the first ever Ted Talks for kids. TedxKids was the first of its kind and invited local students to share their thoughts in the TED format, as well as attend presentations. The organize of the conference had this to say: “It’s important to get kids interested at an early age [...]

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WAVE to the ITEC conference

Not sure if this is going to work, but going to try to embed in a Google Wave for following the ITEC conference. Unfortunately, yes you do need to already have a Wave account to see it, but them's the breaks. Looks like it works! If you can't see it, I apologize. But these are [...]

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CDWG presents: Dembo and Davidson on Web 2.0

Speaking of tools (no pun intended), Hall and I had the pleasure of spending a few days in Discovery's green screen studio recently to create a series of videos focusing on Web 2.0. They've been released as part of CDWG's Conquering Technophobia mini-site, which has the videos we created as well as a slew of [...]

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Feet on the ground or head in the clouds?

Image by Desirée Delgado via FlickrIn the past few years, I've been pretty darn lucky to be able to speak at quite a few conferences. I've also been blessed enough to include in my network dozens of people that do the same, whether it's for a living or 'on the side'. I've found that for [...]

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What can you do with a cell phone in the classroom?

Matt Monjan let me know that the Simpsons spoofed cell phones in the classroom this past weekend. Yes, it's funny, but it's also frustrating because there's so many hints of truth in there. Give the segment a watch before continuing. For visitors outside the US, visit FOX to watch the full episode. Clip I'm referring [...]

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